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Information and facts to consider before making an order.

I work on a wide range of subjects and am always interested in new challenges. If you need a picture, piece of calligraphy or a mural,or something combining all these disciplines perhaps I can help. If you are interested in my work and would like to commission a piece of art made especially for you the first step is to contact me direct, either by phone or email. We can discuss your requirements -Subject, purpose, scale, media etc.,and the time schedule. I may be able to also give you a price range at this point, if your request is fairly straightforward. The cost of more complex commissions will take time to estimate. If you live within a reasonable distance a meeting to discuss details may be advisable,otherwise the matter can be dealt with by  post/phone/email.

Next step:
I will then send you an estimated price.
The estimated price will include consultation and research time plus the time spent producing the artwork. If it is necessary for me to travel to a venue then any costs incurred will be added to the final invoice.

Artwork that requires framing

The cost of mounts and frames is not included in this initial process since they vary in scale and style. I am happy to arrange framing at an additional charge. Most fine artwork, and especially Pastel work requires the protection of glass and a frame as soon as possible.


All images on the website are protected by the Copyright, Designs & Patent Act 1988. Copyright of all works be they sketches, designs, or completed pictures remain the property of Susan Llewelyn Elvidge in perpituity and may not be reproduced in any form without express written consent of the artist.

Timescale for orders

If you are interested in an illuminated, illustrated panel to celebrate a special occasion please be advised that you need to allow plenty of time for me to be able to complete, because I may have other orders ahead of yours and each one takes hours of research and detailed work. If in doubt telephone me to see what the delivery time will be.
The same applies to portraits of pets or people if they are required by a specific date ,e.g.for a gift or anniversary. In all cases I will do my best to produce the work as soon as possible, and to the highest standard I can manage. My reputation is based on the quality of my work and I want every customer to be delighted with the end result.

Susan Llewelyn Elvidge


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